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High tech – without losing the personal touch

Our experienced technicians anticipate common (or even uncommon) problems and know how to solve them.

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Mike Esfahanian

At Roundabout, we’re all about relationships. When you absolutely must optimize your film or television show for multiple markets in multiple formats on a tight deadline – playing phone tag is not an option. You need to reach us fast. We answer your emails. We get to know you by name. We make it happen.

We’ve spent the last decade building a team of talented post-production experts, all of whom take real pride in what they do.

They are as committed to making sure that every scene, every shot — every pixel — of your project is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

They’re backed up with the latest digital technology to ensure that your sounds are rich and textured, your files are correctly converted and mastered the first time, your assets get where they’re supposed to go, and your customers are happy and begging for more.

We pride ourselves in the “personal touch” we give to our customers. At Roundabout, your project will never get lost in the shuffle, because our schedulers and technicians are always available, and willing to explain even complex technical issues to you in terms a real human being can understand. If you’re trying to meet a tight deadline, our schedulers will run into the machine room or editing bays and get you an answer right away.

Mike and Noleen