Closed Captioning, Subtitling & Localization


When the words on the screen are as important as the images.

KeyboardAccessibility is a major cornerstone to any project, and the on-site captioning department at Roundabout provides the speedy, reliable services needed to expand local and global viewership.

From origination to file re-formatting, we ensure that the captions and subtitles are perfectly timed to sync with the dialogue or action on the screen, and that they are legibly sized to the finished project, be it tape or file-based.

Available Services:

  • Line 21 Captions in multiple file formats, including CAP and SCC
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired (SDH), subtitles in multiple languages
  • SMPTE 2052 Web Streaming Formats
  • As-Broadcast Scripts, including dialogue, timecodes and speaker IDs
  • CC Files Standard Conversions
  • Transcription
  • CC File Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • DVB-compliant subtitles
  • Caption text in multiple files to provide “alternate languages” on DVDs or for distribution on airliners, cruise ships or other platforms

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