Color Correction


Pixel-perfect replication – or unholy glow. Your choice.

Davinci Editing

The human eye is extraordinarily sensitive when it comes to color. The faintest shift in shade or tonal nuance can alter the way in which we perceive a scene, a character – an entire movie. Color correction is as much an art as it is a science, so it’s apropos that the console used for the process is called the “Da Vinci Resolve Version 10.”

Whether it’s creating shadows, providing subtle highlights or weaving effortlessly through the chromatic spectrum, the Da Vinci gives Roundabout’s editors unprecedented control over color.

Available Services:

  • Fix unnatural tones on a character’s face
  • Make up for lighting hotspots or other errors that occurred during difficult filming conditions
  • Impose storyline-specific coloration on certain sequences (aka the “Traffic” effect)
  • Desaturate sequences to achieve a tough, gritty feel, without adding noise, artifacting, or “jaggies” in areas where colors blend together

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