Digital Cinema DCP


All your assets, perfectly combined and ready to roll.

Open CubeWe can deliver your project via hard drive or our own dedicated ultra high-speed fiber optic connection.

The days of shipping thousands of heavy cases of 35mm film are fading fast. The new digital projection systems spreading around the world require a different, more exacting format – one that requires a very special post-production house to get just right.

Roundabout will make sure that your DCP gets where it needs to go, when it needs to get there, with no last-second quality problems that can mar the worldwide premiere of your project.

How it works:

We make sure that your DCP is encoded so that it is compatible with all the digital cinema equipment out on the market, while still preserving maximum quality and security.

Our rigorous Quality Check (QC) processes will ensure that at every step of the process – from initial DSM encoding, to DCDM, to DCP – that your footage looks the way you intend.

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