Film Transfer


Film to digital: fast, accurate & up to 4K.

ScannerWe’ll give you crystal-clear transfers on time, and on budget.

At Roundabout, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality scans, and we won’t settle for just sticking the film in a machine and pushing a button.

We monitor and quality-check all the scans and transfers we do for clients, whether they’re SD, HD or the new 4K standard. When foreign-language main and ends are available only on film, we can help you transfer those assets for  foreign-language mastering.

Tech Specs:

  • We can handle 2:2 pulldowns for the PAL/European market
  • We also do 3:2 pulldowns for the NTSC/US market
  • Minimize “telecine judder”
  • Can be color-corrected during scanning process or afterwards

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