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The cutting edge, new wave of media transfers, storage, and render times…

In simple terms, the IMF (Interoperable Master Format) is a single, interchangeable master file format that minimizes storage by creating one full size Master file. IMF allows for storage of differences between versions rather then flattened long-play versions saving valuable terabytes worth of storage. IMF is a business to business format that is not used for camera output or meant for dailies or live-to-air production.

By storing only one Master file IMF gives us flexible versioning as needed components such as subtitles, audio channels, etc. are easily added and changed before a final master is created for consumer distribution.

For a detailed summary of our IMF Structures and output profile list contact us and we would be happy to fill you in.

The History of IMF

In 2007 studios started talking about the need for a distribution file format. In 2008 DVP (Digital Video Package) was created to fill this need for the major Hollywood Studios. In 2011 USC ETC published IMF Specification v1.0. So in other words, this burgeoning new format is the cutting edge, new wave of media transfers, storage, and render times.

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