Quality Control


Saving everybody from nasty last-minute surprises.

RasterizerOur attention to detail and rigorous quality-control process means that you can rely on us to deliver finished projects that meet even the most nitpicky standards.

If there’s one area at Roundabout that we pride ourselves on, it is the uncompromising quality of our work. To that end, we get a little … obsessive … about quality sometimes.

We figure that filmmakers, production companies and studios have spent so much time and energy doing their part of the process, it is the least we can do to care about the final product as much as they have.

To that end, we do a 5-point QC check on every project in the initial stages – and then check and re-check it again as it goes through our workflow process.

Our technicians and customer-support people are all tech-savvy enough to be able to answer your questions, or to deal with a last-minute change in format or specifications.

How it works:

Our technicians carefully monitor every detail when we’re ingesting your raw assets into our system, and check your footage against our error reporter to make sure that we’ve caught every possible technical error in your footage.

Then, while undergoing all the other post-production work that we do (sweetening audio, fixing strange color shifts, trimming a few minutes here and there, outputting in a format that can be played on Burmese airliners, etc.), we check to see if any errors have crept into the workflow at every stage along the line.

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