Everything old is new again.

restoration console at roundabout

It would be nice if every film or TV project were carefully archived in a vault, under museum-quality conditions. Sadly, all too often, valuable footage is shoved around to make room for the new stuff … until someone needs it again.

Our restoration services can help identify problems in your footage – even the ones that aren’t immediately apparent, but that can disqualify your project from certain broadcast markets. We then go to work with all the tools and tricks that technology can offer. We match that with our human expertise, built up over years of resolving the difficult problems inherent in restoring abused and battered footage.

How it works:

First, we scan your footage and automatically detect all the problem areas, both large and small. Then we assess what remediation would best fix these problems, while still preserving the original tone and feeling of the project.

We figure out what tools to use, what order to use them in, and how intense the restoration procedure will have to be. We then go through your footage – frame-by-frame, if need be – until you’re satisfied that the restored sequences meet your specifications and requirements.

RestorationTech Specs:

  • We help you migrate old 35mm film to digital formats
  • Remove dirt, scratches, gouges and scars
  • Normalize film grain (when different film stock may have been used from cut to cut)
  • Brighten and restore faded color
  • Encode the final product for delivery across all the new platforms – such as Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, etc.
  • Fix audio problems, such as hiss, warbling, clicks and radical volume variation


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