Syndication Services


Everything’s better the second time around.


Syndication is a new beginning—and the journey from first-run to second-run production can be laden with complications if not handled with the meticulous diligence needed to meet new airdate deadlines. From the re-mastering process to daily commercial integration, Roundabout knows syndication.

A collaborative endeavor between all of our in-house departments, syndication not only requires content edits for S&P and closed captioning reformatting, but LKFS-compliant audio laybacks and rigorous multi-pass QC.

We work directly with showrunners and post-supervisors to ensure quality programming that not only incorporates network needs, but that maintains the creative integrity of the original product.

Available Services:

  • Content and S&P Editing
  • Bumper/Billboard Creation and Voiceover
  • Time Tailor and Act Reformatting
  • V-Chip Encoding and Rating Bug Insertion
  • AFD Encoding
  • Closed Captioning
  • LKFS-Compliant Audio
  • 5.1 and Stereo English Conform
  • Latin American Spanish Audio Conform/Layback

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