Time Compression & Expansion

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Every second counts. Time is money.

CablesWe help you keep all the seconds that count, while making your project fit into tight constraints.

At Roundabout, we have the Tachyon® Wormhole™ from Wohler Technologies Inc.
An automated file-based retiming and standards conversion solution, that allows you to win back those precious seconds, so that your video files will fit into tight broadcast scheduling windows domestically or internationally.

Tachyon Wormhole performs a plus or minus runtime adjustment of program content while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed caption integrity. With this solution, Roundabout will be able to significantly reduce time-consuming hands-on editing and boost your capacity for delivering program content to meet specific time requirements.

As one of the first companies to invest in this new groundbreaking technology we have the expertise to offer you the best results.

How it works:

wormholegraphicWohler’s RadiantGrid platform serves as the file-based processing framework that integrates retiming of closed-captioning data, audio retiming, and pitch correction into the Tachyon Wormhole video processing workflow. The turnkey retiming system can process up to two video assets simultaneously while synchronously handling up to 64 channels of audio and CEA-608 and -708 caption data.

Tachyon Wormhole also supports standards conversion, deinterlacing, resolution conversion, inverse telecine, and broken cadence removal/correction, with additional options such as Dolby® E processing, and color legalization.

Tech Specs:

Video processing
  • Full award-winning motion compensated processing.
  • Re-synthesizes video data to produce perfect pictures.
Audio processing
  • Full audio time stretching and pitch correction.
Resolution support
  • PAL; NTSC; 720p; 1080i; 1080p; 2k; 4k.
  • 23.98psF; 24p; 25i; 29.97i; 50p; 60p.
  • Up to 16 bit 4:4:4:4.
Caption standards
  • 608/708 inside SMPTE 436M.
  • QuickTime.


Optionally, we have the Time Tailor:

We also have the Time Tailor technology that allows you to win back those precious seconds, so if this is an option you are used to, it’s available.

Tech Specs:

  • The Prime Image Time Tailor TT3500 time reduction system.
  • As much as 10% can be trimmed.
  • We can optimize both SD and HD content.
  • Closed-caption information is preserved.
  • Multiple formats (1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL).


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