Joe Cook

Joe Cook, born in Michigan, and attended Michigan State University graduating at top of his class.   Joe began working at his local TV Network in Sports and News and excelling quickly into Director of Operations.   In his big move to Los Angeles in 1984, Joe landed his first gig at Marvel, working in production.  There he gained the extensive knowledge in post production and found his natural talent of painting beautiful images.   Joe has been a colorist for over 25 years and has the honor of working on the first Digital Intermediate for Universal, on How High, that would lead to working along side of George Clooney on Good Night & Good Luck, and many other feature films.  As Joe continued to become very sought after colorist, he has gained great recognition with his colleagues, cinematographers, and directors.   Joe would move onto working on one of the most lucrative TV shows, Dexter, earning compliments of his work from leading professionals on his work.   

Continuing to emerge his talent in TV,  Joe collaborated with Avid to develop software solutions on advanced workflows for television.   Joe has become one of the most sought after episodic colorist,  and currently working along side the creative services team at Roundabout Entertainment.