Sheri Eisenberg

Sheri Eisenberg recently joined the team in Santa Monica to be a part of the exciting expansion of Roundabout West.  She brings over twenty years of color experience including working with Sony, Criterion, Paramount, Universal, Fox and DreamWorks.  Sheri’s first completed film at Roundabout West, “Fail Safe”, will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in late February 2018. 

As the daughter of an editor, Sheri’s exposure to film and television goes back to her childhood.  Having earned a BA in Television and Film from California State University Northridge, she started in editing for television and film but really found her home when an opportunity presented itself in color correction at IVC.  Her experience includes working with an expansive list of award winning directors and cinematographers including Steve Poster ASC, Caleb Deschanel ASC, Owen Roizman ASC, Robert D. Yeoman ASC, Dean Cundey ASC, Haskell Wexler ASC, Werner Herzog, Joel and Ethan Cohen, William Friedkin, John Carpenter, and Paul Verhoeven. Her most recent work includes the re-release of the 40th Anniversary of Close Encounters of the Third Kind where she completed both the theatrical and HDR version in collaboration with the director Steven Spielberg.