About Roundabout

Since 1992, Roundabout Entertainment has provided the industry’s Studios, Independent Filmmakers, Television and Distribution leaders with workflow insight and advanced technology start to finish. Roundabout has grown quickly and has become a dominating force in the post production industry. We invest in the latest technology, the securest servers, and a bullet-proof, 40GB, fiber-based, LAN network. We also have more than 130 of the best, most dedicated post-production operators in the business.   

Roundabout has produced a remarkable amount of dynamic projects with partnerships, lending its expertise from pre-production to post production.  Roundabout’s 4K infrastructure and customized pipeline for each project allows us to innovate with content creators and bring images to life with both sound and picture finishing.  With a refreshing outlook to industry leader in business relationships and client support category it has achieved worldwide recognition with reputable quality of service. 

Roundabout’s Post Production facilities Burbank and Santa Monica prime locations offer filmmakers end-to-end services in all aspects of post.  Roundabout sets the bar high, demanding outstanding delivery to our clients and has seen unprecedented growth, with a record-breaking success.  Roundabout is changing the way content is created, distributed and shared.

Our clients include: Disney, Fox, Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros, Marvista, Passionflix, UCLA, Academy, Mary Pickford, Zoetrope, Nickelodeon.