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Audio Description

by the masters of DVS Elias Ganster and Kerry McPherson

 What is Audio Description? Audio Description is a service provided for the visually impaired. To that end, our aims in this field are to express visually significant story and plot-pertinent details in the form written scripts in order to convey the artistic intent of content creators. These scripts are then recorded and mixed to produce a standalone audio track that can be offered on VOD, SVOD, broadcast, theatrical and home video platforms and formats.

What is a Descriptive Audio Script? A Descriptive Audio script is not to be confused with a screenplay, as-broadcast script, or dialogue list. Essentially, the process of writing a Descriptive Audio script for Film and TV is screenwriting in reverse. That is to say, the content (Film or TV series) is already produced and every element included in a Descriptive Audio script is visually present in the video proxy(s) provided by the client, preferably in locked cut(s).

How is a Descriptive Audio script produced? Here at Roundabout, we integrate the writing process with the production process, allowing for on-the-fly script editing during recording. The in-house writing staff works closely with the audio engineers and performers to achieve precise, polished audio tracks which seamlessly integrate with all Film and TV content.

In Summary: If Film and Television content is story told in moving pictures, then Audio Description is moving pictures told in words. To that effect, the specificity and placement of the words chosen is key in relaying a visual experience to the visually impaired audience. The words serve the image.