Distribution & Mastering


Digital Packaging & Delivery
(Aspera, Signitant Media Exchange, Direct Studio Connectivity)
Asset Management // (Proprietary Client Access MAM system)
Archives // (LTO Backup/Robot)
IMF Packing/DCP Mastering // (IMF/IMP Creation, DCDM, Festival DCP)
SDR/HDR Mastering // (Editorial Fixes/Versioning)
Quality Control/Assurance  // (Manuel Master Level, Baton QC, Harding QC, File Based Verification)


AV Encoding/Transcoding for Content Distribution
Up-conversion and Down-conversion to UHD, HD, SD
Forensic “watermarking” and DRM/security
Cross-conversion to digital formats
Alchemist Cadence correction
Tape-to-File Ingest
File-to-Tape Transfer
Timeline Editing
Tapeless Versioning
Foreign Language Versioning
EST/VOD Formats
Broadcast Formats
Inverse Telecine
Nexguard Invisible Watermarking
Subtitling / Closed Captioning
Data Encryption