ONYX Cinema Screen

Samsung Cinema LED screen will allow creation of a solid black wall thanks to seamless installation and high-precision calibration. The 'true black' will make the movie theater pitch dark, and the 4K resolution, able to project the two usual cinema formats of flat and scope, will get rid of distracting dark gray stripes, long a pain point of traditional projectors. Thanks to LED technology, luminosity of the wall will be 10 times brighter than with conventional projectors, achieving intensity of up to 146-foot lambert or 500nit. Cinema LED’s HDR functionally also helps deliver full color brilliance and contrast even in the brightest or darkest of scenes, and the screen also provides significantly reduced energy consumption as compared to conventional projectors.

Roundabout is proud to be the only Post Production Facility in the world featuring the Samsung 2K LED Cinema Display. Color Grading up to 300 nits with true 0 nit black, it truly is a sight to behold!
We believe this kind of emissive technology represents the future of cinema. Roundabout's present screen consists of multiple seamless LED displays in 2K with a combined working environment of over 16 x 9.5 feet, with 2K resolution. The goal of these video walls is to go where no projector can! The Onyx is also available in a 34 x 18 foot 4K version, primarily for Theater installations.


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