Content and S&P Editing
Bumper/Billboard Creation and Voiceover
Time Tailor and Act Reformatting
V-Chip Encoding and Rating Bug Insertion
AFD Encoding
Closed Captioning
LKFS-Compliant Audio
5.1 and Stereo English Conform
Latin American Spanish Audio Conform/Layback


We offer complete localization services including translation, transcription, file conversion, conforming, subtitling and closed captioning.

Line 21 captions in multiple file formats, including CAP and SCC
Subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired (SDH), subtitles in multiple languages
SMPTE 2052 Web Streaming Formats
As-Broadcast Scripts, including dialogue, timecodes and speaker IDs
CC Files Standard Conversions
CC File Aspect Ratio Conversion
DVB-compliant subtitles
Caption text in multiple files to provide “alternate languages” on DVDs or for distribution on airliners, cruise ships or other platforms